Our Story

Here at American Legend Soap Company, our philosophy isn’t complicated. Simply put ‘If nature didn’t make it, we don’t take it!’

Skin is the largest organ pertaining to the human body so how you treat it correlates to your overall health. It operates a as a giant sponge soaking up and absorbing everything you put on it; it’s more like what you put in it!

Our products use only the finest ingredients in everything that we make including premium blends of shea butter, and natural oils. All our soaps are vegan with the exception of our bars with goat milk. The quality of our products is unmatched.

 We add no parabens, unnatural preservatives, or petroleum products to our soaps! We only deliver beautiful high-quality soaps that not only look as appealing as they smell but also retain natural hydration. We only pair with reputable suppliers who offer in-house manufacturing of the safest skin grade ethically harvested ingredients from sustainable agriculture practices.

Each of our essential oils is pure, undiluted, and therapeutic grade. We strive on our products being all real and all natural so dig deep and you’ll find us without any genetically modified (GMO’s) ingredients.


Our dedication to authenticity, transparency, and integrity is reflected in our ingredient philosophy and can be seen in everything we do; it’s something we take pride in. Through this transparency we’d like to share with customers our philosophy so that you may be comfortable knowing what it takes to bring you a high-quality bar of soap and how it’s made.

We have an unconditional love for the environment and everything it encompasses, especially but not limited to the animals and wildlife. It’s extremely important to us that chemical concoctions (commonly found in commercial beauty products) are not tested on animals.

Bear confidence when using our products that our high quality wasn’t achieved on the backs of critters. None of our products are tested on animals at any point ever; everything is cruelty free and responsibly sourced.

We recognize and believe that each individual has a responsibility to make a reasonable effort to care for our planet. Our planet is the most important organism because it provides for everybody. We owe it to ourselves and our future to preserve the system that supports all life. As common inhabitants we accept that responsibility and make sure we take the steps needed to leave our mark, or lack thereof rather, to be sustainable.

 Our journey into the world of men’s natural soaps and moisturizers started as the result of an unfortunate personal injury. Not long ago, one of our owners suffered third degree burns over 44% of his body after an equipment malfunction occurred while home brewing beer. The injuries resulted in a two month stay at the regional intensive care burn unit and extensive rehabilitation.

The wounds would eventually heal but his skin became extremely sensitive to the artificial compounds and chemicals found in the body wash that he had always used.

He eventually found that all natural, handcrafted soap completely eliminated the irritation and discomfort the commercial body wash was causing. In fact, the all natural soap provided a soothing and moisturizing effect.

From that moment, he never went back to commercial soaps and his passion for all natural handmade soap was born.

When we talk about about the amazing qualities and benefits of our products, it’s a genuine statement. We truly love and believe in our products and we’re confident you will too.


Thanks for taking the time to read our story, feel free to drop us a line in our “Contact Us” section.

- American Legend Family